Game Recovery Systems is dedicated to making the recovery of your trophy easier. Whether you hunt whitetail, mule deer, antelope, hogs, or other big game we have a product for you. Recovering your wild game from the field after a successful hunt can be difficult and exhausting. Game Recovery Systems has developed a tool to make recovering your deer or other game animal less of a drag. If you are bringing out a doe or the buck of a lifetime we have a tool to make it easier, The Mule deer drag.Check out our new product called The Mule. The Mule deer drag is a light weight, portable, telescoping pole designed to decrease friction and allow even distribution of your game animal’s weight between two hunters. The positioning of this tool raises the head of the animal, which prevents the antlers from snagging on obstacles. The animal’s head and chest are raised off the terrain reducing friction. The head and antlers are securely attached giving the hunters total control over the animal’s movement. With this deer drag sportsmen can easily cross obstacles and loose, uneven terrain safely. The Mule deer drag makes game recovery easier and safer. GET YOUR GAME OUT!!!

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The Mule in action!